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New Hippie Kitchen is a gluten free, vegetarian and vegan food blog focusing on easy to create, healthy, comfort food!

About me:

My name is Jennifer Blume and I am a photographer and illustrator. I've been a published artist for many years working with magazine and book publishers as well as gift companies, craft companies and blogs.
Recently I have been focusing on my photography and kind of fell into using food as one of my main subjects. I have always wanted to try and make a living combining something creative with something I believe very strongly in.

I have been a vegetarian since I was 11 years old after reading a number of books about factory farming and food production. I can tell you this was a very hard thing to be when I was 11. There were few options as far as alternative protein sources and going to a restaurant was kind of a nightmare. It's inspiring to be a vegetarian today when we have endless options to stay healthy while pursuing a more cruelty free and sustainable lifestyle and vegetarian and vegan food has reached new heights of gourmet elegance.

I was diagnosed with celiac disease over two years ago after having a mysterious anemia that didn't respond to supplements. It was discovered through a blood test and confirmed with an upper GI exam. Not fun. I was fairly bummed considering my obsession with pasta was well known among family and friends.
Luckily we have so many beautiful replacements and substitutions for wheat products including pasta. (I have yet to find a replacement for my favorite Brooklyn made pizza.)

So that is a brief history of my current diet. I am by no means a professional chef just a devoted foodie who knows what I like to eat and make. I hope you find something here to inspire you and feel free to comment or email me with questions or thoughts.

I am available for freelance photography! Just email me.

If you would like to use any recipes or photos, please ask first as my images are copyrighted.

My photos and recipes are available for licensing, just email me.

I am available for collaboration and sponsorships with products I use and believe in.

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